please check again mbk I have the benerkan link 🙂 Bian saw a suitcase in the living room. Who is coming? Ask Bian in his heart. Are Pakde and Pakde back? „I`m sorry,“ Tari said, wiping away tears. „So I apologize first to you Doc, thank you for the time“ Lisa held her body from her seat. It`s over for the cerbungnya mbak version, For more details in the novel alhamdulilah marriage agreement has been published, please contact the author 🙂 Il mbak both authors are also cool ya mbk do his writing 🙂 Greetings to Mia. „But everything will change when my son is born, when we hear his cries for the first time, it`s like we`re in a new life, the first time he touches you, you`ll realize that you`ll never be alone again because he`ll be with you.“