If we do not meet and maintain the level of service for each service as described in this ALS, you may be entitled to a portion of your monthly service charge. For the initial term of your contract, we will not change the provisions of your ALS. However, if you extend your contract, the version of this ALS, which is up to date at the time of the extension, will apply during the renewal period. In the event of a significant change in this contract at the service level, we inform the customer at least 90 days in advance. In www.mitarbeiterschule.de/sla, you can access the current version of this contract at the service level at any time. This service-level agreement for the services of Mitarbeiterschule GmbH (this „SLA“) is concluded in conjunction with your confirmation of the order, the terms and conditions of the specifications (the „contract“). All the terms used here, but not defined in this ALS, have the meaning assigned to them in the contract. This ALS applies to staff school services (a „service“ or „services“ listed on it), but not to services with separate brands that are provided jointly or in conjunction with local services or software that are part of a service. The key word in `service level agreement` is `service`. It relates, in other words, to services, not to products. Product specifications and supply requirements are efficiently dealt with through traditional procurement arrangements. SLAs must contain clearly defined levels of service; these levels must be able to take action, and must be relevant to the actual performance of the service provider.

An SLA that doesn`t contain meaningful, measurable levels of performance is not worth the paper it`s written on. At a simplistic level, network and internet service providers use SLAs as a means to describe the minimum service to which they are prepared to commit themselves. At a more useful level, SLAs are used between independent organizations, as well as between divisions of the same organization, as an effective means of setting out the planned relationship between the two. Finally, the SLA must be agreed. They are not a weapon for one organization to beat another with and they are not therefore a panacea to all the ills of poor existing service. Those poor performance issues have to be resolved, and a clear future level agreed, before an SLA can be drafted and agreed. Under a PPU contract, the service provider owes the client, on average, 99% accessibility to the client`s web service. For 365 days, this corresponds to an accessibility of 361.35 days per year. If the web service is available in total in a few days, there is an excess of the minimum IT service due, which is considered a gap and which causes the consequences of the AES, for example.B.