If in doubt, have your service contract checked by your legal representative to make sure your business is covered. A level of service is part of a contract between your company and the service provider. It should include the name of the company initiating the contract as well as the name of the supplier performing the work. Include your company name and that of the service provider, as well as both business addresses. Payment terms and amounts are often part of your contractual document, but it is customary to include in service agreements the terms and conditions affecting payments. In this section of the agreement, you can include a statement that the contractor is not an employee of your company and has no known conflict of interest. The identification phase offers a fundamental scope of the contract. It describes what the private partner needs from the public. In some projects, it is difficult to define the scope of contracts. Some projects have different affiliations to development and management, which are less than different contractual areas.

This means that commitments or services go to other parties. For example, a hospital project may be designed as a simple infrastructure project (development and management of the physical facility) or may include the provision of clinical services. If no clinical benefit is transferred to the private partner, it should be decided whether the „soft“ services (for example. B restoration and cleaning) must be included or not within the limits of the contract, in addition to hard services (for example. B maintenance). In British Columbia, Canada, for example, the Abbotsford Hospital and Cancer Centre, one of the province`s first P3 projects, included a full range of soft services (but no clinical services). However, all subsequent health projects developed by the province have defined a much narrower margin for their contracts. The magnitude of benefits is a formal document outlining that a discussion paper is not a proposal and should never be treated as such. It`s actually a document that`s created, often just before you start working. It is usually entered and sent to a company as soon as the sale has been concluded, and contains an offer for the work that is performed, as well as a schedule for the project.

Identify the terms of the agreement, for example. B the fixed time schedule. Includes service start and end dates, payment data and other steps, including a termination date. A level of benefits is a contract that defines the services you can expect. Read 3 min The last thing you want to deal with is an unexpected situation, as the results of the project have not been clearly stated. Spending a lot of time developing your services can help avoid these situations and keep all parties in compliance, regardless of contract updates.