The Public Procurement Agreement is a trade agreement signed by 22 WTO member countries on 15 April 1994 in Marrakech, Morocco, and entered into force on 1 January 1996, except for Korea, where it came into force on 1 January 1997, after a year of additional delay. The Court found that the agreement between Forge and GE was a leasing contract in SPA. Since Ge did not express interest in leasing the PPSR, the turbine was returned to Forge. What is critical is that GE did not register the agreement it had entered into with Forge as the leasing of PPS on PPSR. The notice of tender is based on the same basis as for national tenders, provided that the bidders meet the following conditions: within a fortnight of the date on which the reason for this claim occurred. Within the allotted time, an appeal can be lodged with the relevant ministry: in a special delivery contract, the following principles must be respected when the supplier is fairly selected: It is important that the blacksmith`s decision is in line with previous judicial decisions concerning SPAs and the registration of security interests. The result is certainly dramatic, but it is not surprising and reminds in time the importance of recording. If the listing is made on the basis of registrations of previous bids, technological skills or leadership or selection status of bidders for a regular selection offer or by a specific bidder for a special offer Bidder qualification and selection criteria must be made public, and then the bidders` application for the screening procedure for pre-qualification or selection of bidders is filed. A special exemption regulation for the implementation of the Government Agreements Act. This special exemption regulation defines the points required for international tenders, the essential contents of which are: a guarantee in accordance with other rules or conditions of tender A PPS lease is created when goods (such as equipment and machinery) are leased for a period of one year or more or for an indeterminate period, and the purchaser provides a „value“ for the leased property. Appendix IV: Publications used at the time of public publication of rules and regulations, court decisions or administrative provisions (e.g.

B of an Official Journal). Appendix III – Publications used when providing information on generally qualified suppliers related to an offer from certain bidders (e.g.B.