If you choose to cross the paragraph of the application form, which refers to an owner who agrees to be bound by the BHA rules of the race (including equine anti-doping rules), the horse will not be allowed to participate in the race in the UK. The passport is stamped „This horse is not allowed to ride in the UK“ and the BHA is informed before the passport is registered by Weatherbys with your property. Otherwise, you may be registered for VAT for an activity that has nothing to do with the blood stock, or your racehorse property cannot be considered part of your blood stock activity. HMRC normally only accepts that a racehorse is part of your existing activity if you can prove that the horse was purchased for commercial purposes, for example.B. it advertises for your business. Sometimes a racehorse owner or trainer may feel that a horse is no longer suitable for racing, and they have the option of registering a BHA non-racing agreement as protection as soon as a new home has been found to protect the horse from returning to the racetrack. The contract must be signed by both the seller and the buyer. Like any new site, you might come across things that need to be fixed, please let us know and we will solve them as soon as possible. In the meantime, we would be delighted with your comments. Email us to info@britishhorseracing.com to tell us what you think. There are different types of racing clubs. For example, owners and instructors should be aware that the law now requires owners to be required to register their property on a horse within 30 days of the transaction, if they purchase one or take over the property.

There is an exception for horse racing under rules where trainers take care of the necessary management. If you have decided to re-inspect the horse you want to return home, carefully check the horse with the marks in the passport to convince you that it is the right animal before making a deal or purchase. This is a horse that you have a sponsorship contract and has entered into a hunt. If you receive a qualified horse, it will not lose this status if it is covered by a sponsorship contract and you intend to participate in the hunter`s hunt during the year of purchase. You cannot collect an upstream tax on goods or services used for business entertainment, including free hospitality for business travelers. For more information, see Business Entertainment (VAT communication 700/65). If some of your racehorses are not covered by a sponsorship agreement, you can treat them as part of your VAT registration, but only if you can prove that you are actively seeking sponsorship for them. In absence – John O`Shea 1. The disciplinary body of the British Horseracing Authority conducted an investigation on February 2, 2017 to determine whether John O`Shea, a licensed coach, … Plus 2 Feb 2017 In addition to The Section 5 Producer Tax Data, points-to-point horses are subject to all the following rules: The sale of shares is an exempt delivery.

The benefits enjoyed by shareholders are not taken into account for VAT purposes. Therefore, unless the company has other taxable activities, it can only register for VAT if it meets the terms of the scheme under paragraph 1.3. Once registered under the scheme, the company can recover as a tax upstream any VAT it calculates for racing activities. However, VAT attributable to the delivery of exempt shares cannot be recovered. You can collect the VAT that is charged to you on road transport fuel purchased for business expenses.