Contracts: As the SCE built new „interconnections“, the invited client had to sign a financing and ownership agreement for the Interconnection Facilities (IFFOA). This agreement defines how the host customer and host provider share the risks, costs and ownership for the total maturity of the new devices. Unlike the Generic Facilities Interconnection Agreement („GFIA“), this contract is not available to PowerClerk at the beginning of the process, so the legal review can only begin late in the project. The connection request process for msB1 was simple and predictable, particularly because the project did not fail screens that would require further technical examination (a more thorough technical review of the network). SCE`s online documentation clearly defined the process, and even the interconnection agreement matched the models of the CSE website. MSB1 has been completed and commissioned as planned. Cost: Designing and installing a medium voltage switch is not cheap, which is why the new three-way gas switch has increased the cost of the project by about $150,000 (including equipment, construction, engineering and procurement costs). . SCE uses a smart meter to track the difference between the number of kilowatt hours generated by your solar panels and the amount of electricity you consume each month on the power grid.2 This difference is called Net Energy Metering or NEM, and SCE uses it to calculate your solar bill.

Senate Bill (SB) 594 (Wolk, 2012) approved NEM Aggregation (NEMA). NEMA allows a legitimate customer generator to aggregate the electrical charge by several meters and NEM credits are shared by all properties that are connected, adjacent to or adjacent to the production facility. A customer generator must be the owner, tenant or exclusive tenant of the real estate in order to use NEMA. . So we have Tesla`s special battery. We withdrew PTO two weeks ago and the SCE today, until we picked up a program and moved to the NGO Metering. We`ve been out of service for three weeks when the batteries come on when the sun goes down. But it`s really confusing. Which SCE program to choose: Customer generators that connected their systems to the network prior to these dates were included in the old NEM tariff in accordance with decision (D.) 14-03-041. These customer generators can stay in the previous rate for 20 years from the date of connection or change to the current NEM rate. The old NEM tariff is sometimes referred to as „NEM 1.0“ and the current NEM tariff is „NEM 2.0“ or the „new NEM tariff.“ Non-circumventable charges (NBCs) are charges per kilowatt hour that are incorporated into electricity rates.

They amount to about 2 to 3 cents per kWh and are used to finance energy efficiency, low-income client assistance and other related programs. What does this mean to me, beyond the terrible use of English? Can I create the system I want to create? Is there a limit to the amount of excess electricity I can generate on my land? Who makes this decision and is it law or policy? From training brokers and potential home buyers to collaborating with home inspectors, guardianship agents, cover agents and all others who should know your home solar system and your solar contract, sunrun always has your back.