7.1.2 These agreements take into account the relevant policies and strategies adopted by the Federation`s General Assembly. 5.3.2 The Federation is the leading agency in the situations covered by Article 5.1, paragraphs (c) and d), Section A and Section B (natural or technological disasters and other peacetime emergencies or disasters, which require resources beyond those of the operating national society). 1.11. If there is another agency outside the Host National Society, the operational strategy for the movement`s response is developed in consultation and in close collaboration with the current and mandatory Host National Society. Other components of the movement that intervene in the context play a supportive role and are consulted. 5.3. In agreement with the host company (if not the lead agency), the Federation Agency is responsible for negotiating changes or changes to established mechanisms and agreements. 9.3.1 The ICRC plays a leading role in the promotion, development and dissemination of international humanitarian law (IHL). The Federation supports the ICRC in the promotion and development of international humanitarian law and collaborates with it in the dissemination of international humanitarian law among national societies. At the Council of Delegates in Seoul in 2005, the Seville Agreement was strengthened by the adoption of a series of „additional measures“. These complementary measures were used to strengthen the Seville agreement. 5.7.2 If necessary, they may decide by mutual agreement on the implementation of interim measures which are in no way regarded as precedents concerning the respective mandates of the initiators of the movement or the initiation of the tasks provided for by this agreement.

4.4. Regional networks can play a crucial role in supporting movements. The International Federation is called upon to coordinate cooperation between national societies in different regions and to facilitate pre-regional arrangements as preparatory actions in the event of an emergency in peacetime requiring international assistance. The ICRC can also participate in such agreements. 9.1.2 In order to ensure maximum effectiveness in promoting humanitarian principles, the movement`s components, in accordance with the policies announced by the Council of Delegates for this purpose, are cooperating to coordinate campaigns and develop communication tools.