Non-hunting use – Describe non-hunting activities, such as camping, fishing, photography and target shooting. The hunting lease should be entered into by a lessor who leases his property to a tenant exclusively for hunting purposes. You will find many examples of hunting rentals on the Internet. Landowners should look for other examples and choose which features work best in their respective situations. Safety and compliance – Your agreement may impose safety rules, such as prohibition. B to consume alcohol or ban loaded weapons in the warehouse. The hunter must respect all the laws of the state on hunting. Many landowners also require hunters to record and photos of each deer harvested. Typical clause: The tenant or tenants must not push nails or other metal objects into trees to build deer carriers, blinds, camping facilities or other uses. Typical clause: the lessor reserves the right to terminate this lease immediately and not to make repayments if, in his opinion, the tenant has not strictly complied with the provisions of this agreement. Can the landlord terminate this lease for any reason after 30 days? in writing to the tenant (s) and, in this case, to the tenant (s) a proportional share of the rent on the basis of the outstanding part of the lease. The Tenant understands that a letter of termination from Derkacht will be addressed to – by all the parties mentioned above. At the end of the notice period, all parties involved will immediately cease to exercise all rights under this lease.

Lease time – Indicate the start and end of the rental period. If the hunter has the privilege of exploring the premises, installing feeders, installing blinds or carrying out similar projects before the season, say so. Most leases are valid for a single hunting season. But to achieve long-term improvement projects, your hunters may want a right of renewal in the lease. In the Southern States and the United States in general, interest is growing that landowners allow nightly access to their land for athletes and others to hunt, fish and enjoy other types of outdoor recreation by renting the country.