Both are different types of PO documents (BPA, standard PO). There is no limit to creating a standard order for items set in BPA. Global framework agreementsThey may have to negotiate on the basis of a company`s overall purchase volume in order to centralize purchasing activity in a large and sometimes different group of companies. Global agreements (a particular type of contract purchase agreement) allow buyers to negotiate prices, transactions per company at the enterprise level and to execute and manage these agreements in a central common environment. Business organizations can then access the agreement to place orders that use negotiated prices and terms. They can raise funds for a comprehensive agreement. Let me tell you my problem. I try to create a flat-rate sales contract, but in a global way. I mean, I`m crossing the overall option. When I`m done with this, I agree with the order and I`ll get a PO-ID. Then I try to create a post from the previous blanket command. If I enter the PO IDENTIFIANT I received previously, the system gives me an error (Invalid PO_NUM).

You don`t create releases for a global purchase contract. Instead, create an order (default) for the same credit and item pointer, and you can see that the overall EPS is referred to in this document. There are some very good documents on metalink. If I do a contract to buy a contract without the globlal option being activated, I do not have that kind of problem. Standard OrdersYou usually create standard commands for the one-time purchase of different items. You create standard orders if you know the details of the goods or services you provide, estimated costs, quantities, delivery plans and accounting distributions. If you use the accounting charge, the order can be debited because the necessary information is known. Check this resource: I don`t know what I`m doing wrong, or I have to set it all up for the system to work with a global framework purchase contract. This excellent site certainly has all the information I needed about it and didn`t know who to ask.

My website… Laser nice test! We present you with the best marketing blogs on a wide range of marketing disciplines from many top blogs of our index with research and social benchmark. Marketing blog > manas-Nandi question on Dec 11 at 5:53 HOUR Hello, >> Is it possible to create a standard PO against a global coverage purchase> agreement in R12 without adjustment?>> Merci>> Reply to this email to publish your response. Hello, I think there are standard features, you can create std POagainst Global PO. Is it possible to create a standard PO for a global purchase agreement in R12 without adjustment? Thanks for the information, I would like to get some tips on mass BPA downloading, do you know any tools or PAPI for me to automate/update BPA? Thank you for your kindness and advice. When the „Create Documents“ workflow creates proof of sharing a „local“ framework contract from an approved request, this workflow creates a standard command.