I wanted to study the use of retail prices for orders, but I also had an obligation to respect the „look for the next“ option. More in the hope that in waiting, I recorded the behavior I had seen with Microsoft support. I was quite expecting to be told that this is the operation of the retail price machine, so when I learned that this error had been corrected, I was stunned! With Search Plus, several trade agreement registration lines with the characteristic price have been created and displayed at different levels (for example. B one group, the other in the table). The result is that the system applies the best price, regardless of the level of the acquisition positions of the trade agreement. guyterry.wordpress.com/…/trade-agreement-find-next-on-call-center-sales-orders Activated by the Continuous Search option, the system accumulates all discounts, regardless of the amount of existing trading positions. And then I activated the call center functionality, and my sales orders get a small „retail“ check in the command head. And now is the time for retail pricing, although AX always refers to my selling prices for trade agreements. But it seems that the logic of the trade agreement I described above is being ignored; Retail contracts always find the „best“ price the customer could receive – as if „Find next“ were checked on all lines of commercial transactions. If you have set a single price for one customer and a price for all customers, it is possible to disable „Find next“ to ensure that AX always uses the individual price instead of the total customer price, even if the individual price is higher. This screenshot establishes lines of trade agreements for an article.

„All“ customers receive a nice low price of 10.00 USD. The ACBE customer alone receives a price of 15.00 USD. Note that „Find next“ is not checked on the trade agreement line. When implementing the new trade agreement process, I think it`s important to decide whether you`re using the feature to „change selected lines,“ essentially using lines in an existing commercial contract. change and change bookings, or if you want to create new entclosures with each price change. and if you want to turn on or off the „Keep looking“ feature.