Several high-priority governance issues are discussed below. Use the 12-point checklist below to evaluate the details of your own contract. Contact your lawyer if you find that your agreement requires a vote. This type of agreement is useful as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy. The expected consequence of the use of this Business Services and Management agreement is to deviate from some (but not all) of the usual risks that often existed when conducting a business. The average age of a surgeon in the United States is just over 54. Many doctors are starting to plan for retirement. Their agreement on governance should address a large number of issues related to these transitions. For example, physicians must have influenced the operation of business offices, the use of technology, compliance activities, the recruitment of associate executives and health professionals, and contracts.

A good governance agreement defines areas that, according to practice, require the cooperation and management of physicians, as well as the process of cooperation with the executive partner, managers and staff. A corporate governance agreement is at the heart of running an organization. It is an effective method that allows the company to avoid any acidification of investments and routine operations. A well-developed agreement contains guidelines and rules for the transparent management of a business. Many doctors ask why it is important to make the details in writing. „We`re just a small practice, not a hospital,“ they tell us. Or: „It`s not the city; we don`t need to be so formal. Or: „Our group of doctors is like a family. Although these things are true, a good governance agreement is essential, whether a group has two or a hundred doctors, whether in the country or in the city, and especially when the culture is „like the family.“ In fact, a written agreement can prevent these „family“ relationships from breaking down. This is because an effective agreement ensures that rules and powers are respected when the organization is faced with a sense of partnership, a financial crisis, a legal issue or a natural disaster. In the absence of written guidelines, the House can make decisions in the blink of an eye – creating a ripe environment for missteps, arguments and bitter ends. The addition of clarity defines a number of policies and procedures that keep the group together in the most difficult moments.

A governance agreement is a written directive on the existence and operation of the board of directors of a practice. Governance is how an organization polices itself, and a good agreement involves a number of things that allow your practice to do so effectively. Decision-making policies, meeting procedures and definitions of directors` roles are just a few examples. Karen Zupko is President of KarenZupko Associates Inc., a consulting and education firm that has been helping physicians increase sales, maximize efficiency, reduce risk and improve the patient experience for more than 30 years.