From that point of view, I think we all agree. I think we all agree on that. This agreement has been in place for a few months. This agreement has been in force for several months. But a contract agreement was reached at Jan. 11 when more than half of the regular season seemed lost. We can force people to be happy, but they agreed. We can make people happy, but they have agreed with us. (on) arrangement (o), agreement, zgodain – (mit) in tune (z) you arrive/arrive/arrive/come to an agreement (with someone) Reach/get a deal (with someone) But they have not done anything for more than three months to get a new agreement. He, Red and I had an agreement for an extra part.

He`s the red one and me. Additional participation only for us. I thought the terms of our agreement were very clear. I thought the terms of our agreement were fairly transparent. I have a lot of money to share, we can find an agreement. We can share the money, we can agree. European delegates said that 95% of nations agreed on the issue, but several developing countries maintain a broader definition of what is covered and stricter measures to ensure that countries and companies comply with the rules. We are very comfortable with that. Yes, I am sure of that. We are very much in agreement on that.

Yes, that`s for sure. These are questions that have not been accepted by the majority. These are subjects that have not been supported overwhelmingly. These are three areas on which we all need to agree. These are three issues on which we all need to agree. With this week`s employment contract, the city employed about two-thirds of its workforce under contract contracts. (Noun) approval, consent; approval, consent; A business layout Financial compensation, agreement; legal agreement, contract; The relationship of language consent The framework agreement; Sale contract – Business purchase agreement; agree with sb – agree with someone Agree with someone Thinking with someone compensation agreement – compensation agreement; The terms of the agreement Gentlemen`s Agreement – Gentleman`s Agreement; under an agreement – legally under the agreement; There is a general agreement that… – There is a general consensus that…; Agree in agreement – nod on the sign of consent; to curb an agreement – contract/contract for violation of the law; by mutual agreement, by mutual agreement; trade agreements – trade agreements; Service contract – business service contract; Employment contract with a member/director of the board of directors; reach an agreement on – an agreement to reach an agreement; bilateral agreements; Multilateral agreement; in agreement with sb – in consultation with someone; Lack of state, right to infringement trade partnership agreement (Noun); Trade Partnership Agreement (Noun); However, governments have failed to agree on the extent to which global emissions should be reduced and countries have many shortcomings to avoid the deep reductions that scientists deem necessary.