BetterPlace is currently limited to B2B service and works largely with e-commerce companies, security companies and hospitals looking to authenticate a person for credit or hiring. The TrustID website says the service aims to effectively use Aadhaar`s power to verify a person`s identity. Basically, it instantly provides Aadhaar ID authentication or Aadhaar ID background test for each contact. It can be used to check the Aadhaar number of anyone in different situations that extend to hiring a housekeeper like maid, cook, driver, caretaker, etc. or even when selecting a tenant. Apart from the government authorities, which include nationalized banks in Bengaluru, private agencies registered with UIDAI to request identity authentication as AUAs are: „The entities listed above are registered with UIDAI as a KYC user agency („KUA“) and authorize SEBI registered mutual fund intermediaries/resellers, Aadhaar Authentication for their customers for KYC purposes,“ i.e. in the circular. In the event that our AUA licence is reintroduced in the future, this page contains the terms and conditions as well as the corresponding sub-AUA agreement, which may be concluded in the future, which will govern the terms of use of Aadhaar Bridge`s sub-AAA services. This page contains the terms of use of eSign, Aadhaar offline KYC, Video ID KYC, Hosted Aadhaar, eSign, eNACH, Aadhaar Vault Services. By accessing this site, you agree to the following conditions: How the Aadhaar authentication system works: To perform this authentication, they can become either an AUA or a sub-AUA. RailTel already offers the IRCTC authentication service for the concession of senior train tickets for the IRCTC and e-wallet registration. The link between Aadhaar cards and senior tickets is a beneficial measure designed to streamline the booking process for people in this category. A great advantage of aadaar train bookings for seniors is that it will prevent Touts and unauthorized agents from booking tickets under false names and selling them at a higher price.

Vey soon RailTel will also help IRCTC authenticate all types of discounted tickets and book tickets online via Aadhaar Card. AuthenticationService Agency (ASA) – ASA is any entity that transmits authentication requests to the CIDR on behalf of one or more AAAs. The ASA allows intermediaries to mediate. You have a secure connection with the CIDR and forward AAU authentication requests to the CIDR. THE ASA receive the response from CIDR and refer it to the AAU. However, although private agencies are actively involved in the adrealis hair authentication system, this has raised several concerns. What are the fears expressed by the experts? Why is there resistance against private agencies that use hair-based authentication? That is what we will see in the next part of the story. First, a request for authentication is sent to the AAU. AUA forwards the request to the Authentication Services Agency (ASA), which acts as a mediator.

Agarwala says that authenticating Aad`s hair is useful to avoid duplication while they hire an employee or rent space.