Article 1651. Without prejudice to the sub-charged, the subtenant is bound by the lessor for all acts relating to the use and preservation of the rented object in the manner established between the lessor and the lessor. (1551) Article 1655. If the rented thing is completely destroyed by an accidental event, the lease will go out. If the destruction is partial, the tenant can choose between a proportional reduction in rent and a termination of the tenancy agreement. (n) Section 1665. The tenant returns the thing rented at the end of the tenancy agreement, as he received it, with indignation or interference by the decay of time, by ordinary wear or for inevitable cause. (1561a) I want to know that there really is a law here in the Philippines for landlords who do not issue receipts to their tenants, and what are the penalties for that? I have been renting an apartment for almost 2 years and my landlord does not issue us payment confirmations, he said that anyone who would like a receipt can leave and leave his apartment! Is there no law for this type of illegal activity? Please send me an email on this essential matter. Article 1682. The rental of land in the countryside, if its duration is not yet fixed, is considered as the total time necessary to collect the fruits that the whole renter can give in a year or once, while it must wait two years or more.

(1577a) hi. I would like to ask, the son of my owner forces us to evacuate the place because he agrees with him, his father is not the rightful owner, but his mother. and his mother. Mom and Dad are separated. Is that legal? We should evacuate the place. How about our expenses for the renovation of the premises? What about our bail? the son told us to get it from his father. His father, by the way, is recently in prison. I don`t know what his expenses are. That`s why the son takes over. He wants to rent the place to someone else with a higher price.

Please advise me. Thank you. Yes, yes. As a general rule, no one, not even the owner, can enter your home without your consent. This is because of the teaching of the castle that gives the inhabitant the right to defend his house against the invaders. It doesn`t matter if you own your home or just rent it out. However, this rule is subject to restrictions. Under a lease agreement, the lessor may enter the premises if abandoned, hazardous substances or activities that pose a danger to persons and property, and incidental events. The landlord or his agent may have the right to inspect the rented premises with your presence. Article 1676. The purchaser of a property subject to a lease not registered in the land registry may terminate the lease, unless otherwise stated in the sales contract or if the buyer is aware of the existence of the lease.

Hello! We have just received a subpoena today from the Barangay lupon, our landlord having filed a complaint against us for the unpaid electricity bill (which led to the separation) and the unpaid rent. My situation is this, we have a deposit of 2 months and a month in advance to the owner, but later in September we were not able to pay for the month until Ocotber. That`s why we decided to change houses by the end of November. We have informed the owner that we will only pay the September balance of 1,500 in the months of October and November of 4,000 (monthly). If that is the case, we still have an additional 2,500 euros. Is that legal? We do not have a formal contract or at all. And on the electricity bill, we promised to pay him this weekend his sweldo and the owner did not respond or anything. It is only now that we discover that he has filed a complaint with barangay. My questions are: is it normal to pay our rent this way? Isn`t it a thing to come before the brgy tonight?s please help me. asap in. Thank you very much! The parties choose the above addresses as their physical addresses for the purpose of providing a notification, payment of any amount and legal action in connection with this property lease.