DTVPilipinas, Zoe Broadcasting to end Blocktime Agreement with GMA Network, April 28, 2019 The renowned channel will serve audiences „life, love and hope shows, educational programs, local and foreign films,“ as well as some of the most popular ABS CBN programs through a blocktime agreement and licensing programs such as Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN Asia). ABS-CBN had to withdraw these franchise renewal initiatives for time reasons. [9] On May 8, 2020, DZMM TeleRadyo, now simply renamed TeleRadyo, resumed its regular programming and broadcast the usual DZMM programming format. [151] TeleRadyo is broadcast via ABS-CBN TV Plus, making it one of three exclusive channels (the others are Cine Mo! and yes!) that will remain in service on Free-to-Air digital television after the NTC order comes into effect. [151] ABS-CBN later clarified in a statement, that the three channels with the Kapamilya Box Office continued the broadcast in Metro Manila, Laguna Province, Iloilo Province and selected areas of Baguio through a block agreement with AMCARA Broadcasting Network (former owner of Studio 23 from its launch in 1996 until the acquisition of a stake in AMCARA in 2010) owned by the Carandang family. On the same day, The Philippines also resumed its online and cable operations through a national programming service set up by the network`s flagship metro station in Metro Manila. [152] The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Internal Revenue Office (BIR) should review the blocktime agreement between ABS-CBN and the Zoe Broadcasting Network, the new minority leader in the House of Representatives, ABANG LINGKOD, said Wednesday. Meanwhile, the president`s spokesman, Harry Roque, said Malacaang had no response to the blocktime agreement between ABS-CBN and Zoe TV. Blocktiming is the Philippine practice of broadcast media, which consists of purchasing „broadcast time blocks“ to produce programs independently of networks and channels. „I say that we are studying amcara in the Committee on Good Administration or the Committee on Good Administration, along with the statements of the National Telecommunications Commission, and that we are going to the bottom of this block time agreement which refuses to believe that this is a full-time regime, but a usufruit“ , he said at the hearing. Meanwhile, the president`s spokesman, Harry Roque, said: „We don`t welcome it and we don`t have an answer because they are a content provider. For all reasons, Zoe is regulated because Zoe owns the franchise. On October 6, 2020, ABS-CBN Corporation announced a blocktime contract with ZOE Broadcasting Network to broadcast selected ABS-CBN programming from its own television channel on Channel 11s A2Z (formerly ZOE TV) from October 10, after speculating for nearly three years. In addition, the network broadcast programs produced by Light TV, ZOE content partners such as CBN Asia and Trinity Broadcasting Network, as well as others, including Blocktimer, licensees and suppliers.

[191] [192] „The use of bulk vehicles may be permitted, but can only be limited to educational and sports programs.“ „A block-time agreement is a standard trade agreement that is very common in the broadcasting sector. It`s not just the ABS-CBN that`s going into a whole time regime,“ Katigbak said at a previous hearing. The network agreement with AMCARA was first discussed at the June 29 public hearing on at least nine AMS-CBN franchise renewal bills, which expired on May 4. The discussion focused on broadcasting ABS-CBN messages and programs on digital and cable TV platforms via TV Plus. Media Watchdog Center of Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) defines blocktiming as a: Opposition lawmakers and workers` groups opposed Dutere`s position on ABS-CBN because the non-renewal of franchised theft would compromise network staff; that blocking the extension of the deductible had no value. [113] Opposition groups have expressed their view that non-r