Aspose licenses are not linked to a specific computer or account, so the license file can be copied and installed on a new computer, provided that all distribution or location restrictions imposed by your purchased license continue to be met. Pre-purchase agreements are all agreements requested before purchase. Examples include confidentiality agreements, evaluation agreements and similar documents. Aspose cannot honor pre-emption contracts. Our end-user license agreement contains language for ratings and confidentiality. The terms of the end-user license agreement apply as soon as an evaluation is installed, so that the end-user license agreement may contain the types of insurance requested in other pre-emption contracts. Aspose will not accept a grant from more than one company as part of a single order. Aspose products are authorized by the number of developers and deployment sites to individual entities. Aspose does, however, offer temporary licenses that can be used in these cases. Click here to find out how to get a temporary license. A list of all open source software built into the products is provided with binary files. This is a text file beginning with „Third-party licenses“ in the installation directory under the license folder.

No no. Aspose products are licensed by platform. If multiple platforms need to be supported, Aspose offers a „Product Family“ suite that allows all platforms to be licensed. Developer Small Business LicenseOne Developer and One Deployment Location – A Small Business License Developer allows a developer to create an unlimited number of spin-off works with the product that can only be used on a physical site (address or office building) in your organization (only for internal use). A smaller business license covers a developer and/or a physical site. For each developer in the development team, a license must be acquired or, for each physical site, the more important the derivative works, the more they are used. This license is not allowed. It does not support the distribution of derivative works to third parties, publicly available sites/applications, extranets, multi-site intranets or SaaS project use scenarios.

Each Aspose product contains a license category. If you use more than one Aspose product in the same solution, a name conflict may arise. To correct this, please include the name of the class that is fully qualified if you use the License.SetLicense method. Use z.B for .NET Aspose.Words.License and Java com.aspose.words.License.